Siri Says ‘Call Back Later’

I asked Siri, “Why aren’t Kate and Leo together?” She remained silent for a long time (a few seconds) then said, “I’m really sorry about this. I can’t take requests right now.” Siri is so heartbroken that they are not together she can’t even speak. I feel your pain, Siri, I feel your pain. She is so sad she also forgot to refer to me as “Princess Caitlin” and she usually knows better.

Yesterday, my friends Stephanie and Christine and myself went out in the pouring rain to three stores in the surrounding area all because I wanted to buy the Details magazine with Chris Evans on the corner. I couldn’t wait any longer, but they didn’t even have it at the first store, then the second and third stores had the older one. So rude and I got my new cute pink shoes wet! In my defense, it wasn’t raining when we first started walking otherwise I never would have done anything to harm them. Hopefully we will have much better luck tomorrow.

Speaking of Chris Evans, my beloved, I cannot wait until Avengers comes out. I loved him in Captain America and now I get to see him, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth in the same movie. Incredible. I suppose now I should take this time to ask Chris Evans to my commencement ball in April. Just fyi Chris, I am a senior in college and not a creepy obsessive fan, I’m just a minorly creepy obsessive fan, in case you were worried. So thanks, that should be fun!

Instead of the Harry Potter goodness I promised, I am talking about the movie Cabin In The Woods I saw last night with Erin and Christine. We found cardboard cutouts of The Avengers.

This happened:

And this creepy reflection:

Then this:

Look at Scarlett creeping in the background over Christine’s head. Pretty scary stuff.

Good news, the Red Sox are improving!!

Ta-ta for now!

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